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At Least 5 Reasons Why You Need to Utilize Construction Estimating Software and Apps
We are now in quite the technological world, which means that everyone can do their work in a shorter amount of time. It also means that while you may have been one of a handful of people placing bids on projects in the past, that is not going to be the case in the future. Instead, you may find yourself up against dozens of other contractors and construction companies, as you all vie for one job after another. If you are not utilizing the most updated construction estimating software, as well as construction apps, then you will not have a chance with your competition.
Here are 5 reasons that you need to utilize construction estimating software right away:
1. You Will Save Money Long-Term
It can be difficult for you to break away from the old management way of thinking, but in today’s world, you need to be prepared to leave out any features or functions that are not relevant to the job you are bidding. Construction estimating software will do this for you, saving you time, as well as quite a bit of money when you continuously win bids.
2. Stay Ahead of the Competition
Since more contractors and construction companies will be placing bids on jobs that you want, you need to stay ahead of them at all times. Construction estimating software can help you do this, because creating all your bids will take less time than it did when you were using spreadsheets or writing them all by hand. In fact, you may find that you can create at least four or five times the number of bids than you used to, which means more chances of securing work.
3. Never Worry About Materials Estimating Again!
We are sure that you have always struggled to determine how much you should charge for not only materials, but labor, in the past. While there isn’t really anything that can help you determine your labor costs, the construction estimating software will take your worry away when it comes to estimating the cost of materials. This software can help you determine exactly how much of each material you will need and then it will insert the prices accordingly.
4. Add Value to All Your Estimates
Everyone needs an advantage when it comes to getting to the front of the pack, which is why you should utilize construction estimating software to add value to all your estimates. You can do this by creating a way to show which areas would add long-term value to a building or a home, instead of simply pointing out what costly renovations may be needed in the future.
5. Save a Lot of Money
While you will need to pay for your construction estimating software, you can expect to save a lot of money after the fact. Certain reports have stated that future project prices can be reduced by fifteen percent, while each bid is also at least ten percent more accurate than those you did in the past. Of course, once you add in the three hundred percent improved productivity of your company, you will really see the savings.
These five reasons may seem to be enough to get you to finally relent and begin utilizing construction estimating software, but you will also want to consider one more. The last reason is the fact that almost all construction estimating software is available for mobile devices, or through an app. This last reason is huge, because it can allow you to bid smaller jobs immediately.
This allows you to skip the whole going back to the office to work on a bid process. Instead, you can be talking to one of your clients, looking at blueprints and designs, and creating the bid at the same time. This not only ensures that you have the first bid, but that you come across as a professional that likes to meet their clients’ needs immediately. And, clients love that feeling, especially in this day and age of wanting everything right away!
These construction estimating software apps are also perfect if you have created a bid, but then during a meeting with a client, you find out that they want a few small changes. You can simply add those changes into your mobile app and have the new quote ready within a few minutes. Again, that will alleviate your client’s wait time, and encourage them that you are the right person for the job.
It is understandable why you prefer the old version of estimating and bids, especially if that is how you were trained. However, if you take the time to embrace these newer construction estimating software and app options, it is guaranteed that you will see how they will benefit you now and in the future.