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There are thousands of construction companies all around the world and they are all sorted into different fields.  When it comes to construction engineering companies, a few stand out more than the rest.  Many of them are within the United States, but only two of those are as large, or larger, than the ones that are in other areas of the world.
Here are the top 10 construction engineering companies:

1. Fluor Corporation

This company is considered a leader when it comes to engineering, procurement, construction, project management, and maintenance.  Their main headquarters can be found in California, but they currently have fifty company locations around the world.  Fluor constructed the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and did the design and provided construction management services for BMW’s first plant in the United States.

2. Bechtel Group, Inc.

This global engineering, construction, and project management company is currently the largest construction firm within the United States.  Their headquarters can be found in San Francisco, but they have locations in many other areas of the country.  Bechtel has worked on the Hoover Dam, as well as the Dulles Airport Silver Line expansion.

3. Kiewit Corporation

Kiewit is an employee owned company that has both offices and projects throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.  Their headquarters happen to be in Omaha, Nebraska and they are one of the most respected construction and engineering organizations within North America.  Kiewit obtained LEED Platinum certification for the construction they did on the elephant exhibit at the Denver Zoo.

4. Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. focuses on four different areas of business which includes Aerospace and Technology, Buildings and Infrastructure, Industrial, and Petroleum and Chemicals.  Their work includes architecture, engineering and construction, operations, maintenance, and scientific and specialty consulting.  They have more than fifty thousand employees working in more than two hundred locations around the world.  Jacobs constructed the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-02, which was then installed on the International Space Station.

5. Chicago Bridge & Iron Company

This company specializes in engineering, construction, and procurement for both oil and gas companies.  One of their headquarters is in Texas, while the other is in the Netherlands.  They are well-known for the work that they completed for the wastewater in Georgia, as well as the construction for the Yankee Stadium Subway Station.  This company also assisted after Hurricane Katrina by pumping fifty billion gallons of water out of the city of New Orleans.

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6. Khansaheb Civil Engineering

This company is based in Dubai and they provide solutions for infrastructure and building projects in that area of the world.  This multi-service provider focuses on construction, facilities management, roads, infrastructures, building projects, and interiors.  They enjoy creating different projects, bringing them to fruition through construction, and then maintaining them for years in the future.

7. Alrabiah Consulting Engineers

This company began back in 1988 and their business includes construction management, infrastructure, and the rehabilitation of damaged structures.  The headquarters of this company can be found in Dammam, but they also do work in Yanbu, Jeddah, and Riyadh.  Most of their work entails designing and building residential facilities, infrastructure, and both marine and commercial plants.


CDMG is part of the Stevens Group and it is located just to the south of Pittsburgh in the state of Pennsylvania.  Their services include multi-discipline engineering, project management, and construction management.  They complete projects nationwide and their goal is to provide efficient operations while delivering on time and on budget without skimping on quality.

9. Aecon

Aecon can be found in Canada and while they spend most of their time doing work in that country, they have recently expanded a little to other areas of the world.  They have two headquarters, with one in Toronto and the other in Calgary.  They have twenty-nine different buildings scattered throughout the country and employ more than ten thousand people.  This company modernized St. John’s Harbour and also did work on the Vancouver Ferry Terminal.

10. Conestoga-Rovers & Associates

This company has their headquarters in Waterloo in Ontario and they provide a mix of engineering, construction, environmental, and information technology work.  CRA, as the business is commonly called, worked on the infamous Love Canal Landfill.  This area was filled with hazardous waste and they created a plan that addressed the issues and found a permanent solution.


These are the top ten construction engineering companies around the world, but there are plenty of others that are working hard to improve their local areas.  Anyone who is looking for a construction engineer company, or anyone who is looking for a job within that industry will want to look into these companies and see if they will fit their current needs.