The flexibility and reliability of building and construction careers

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A career in building and construction is more than just an opportunity to work away from a desk (if that’s what you’re after)—you can also design the lifestyle you want around what’s most important to you, and choose a career trajectory that matches your ambitions.

With the potential to work your own hours, on your own terms, and earn the salary you want— even pack up and move anywhere around the world—it truly is a career full of opportunity. And building and construction courses online can be your first stepping stone to get there.

Study how you want, with promising prospects

A career in building and construction is a reliable one, and you’ll feel that certainty from the first day of your building and construction courses in Australia. Any country or city around the world has its sights firmly set on accommodating a growing population—and that means building the infrastructure and systems to support growth.

Building and construction courses and study options are immensely diverse in the ways that they are delivered. Choose to take building and construction courses online, out of hours while you hold down your day job, or choose to learn on the job from a mentor. Unlike many other careers, there are little education barriers to stop you from getting started.

Flexibility outside of the classroom

However, flexibility doesn’t finish in the classroom. Whether you are an individual who would prefer to be in an office, or you’re somebody who loves being outside on the tools, the scope for job movement within the industry is immense.
There’s no doubting that there’s something liberating about being outside and working with your hands. Whether you’re installing fixtures, measuring cuts or constructing frameworks, the freedom of being outside and not in a suit is not one to take lightly.

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There are also plenty of opportunities for individuals to get off the tools and into a more managerial role. This, however, doesn’t mean that you’re chained to a desk. Unlike many other professions, the building and construction industry remains a very personable profession whichever tier you find yourself on. Many individuals who decide to get off the tools still frequent sites or are often out of office meeting suppliers or project stakeholders.

Guide your learning style

Your learning doesn’t stop once you’ve finished your building and construction courses. In fact, it’s only just begun. In a building and construction career, you can gain hands-on skills from those around you every day. Perhaps you’re a self-starter, and like to tackle problems solo—a career as an independent contractor could be for you. If you work well in a team, consider the thriving commercial and residential development sector. Maybe you like one-on-one guidance that you only get in a small business. How you work, and who you work alongside, is completely up to you.

The scope for job growth remains equally strong as technological advancements continue to enter the workplace. Despite an underlying worry throughout many industries that these advancements will render many construction jobs obsolete, the building industry is embracing the new technology.

building and construction careers
This decision has seen the adverse effect with a plethora of new job opportunities open for individuals. As the technology is slowly implemented into construction companies, businesses are looking to hire those capable of operating this new technology. Such innovations include drones, or numerous new construction software and the need for individuals skilled on these technologies is now as important as ever.

There really is no limit on how much you can learn whilst in the industry. It just depends on how much you want to push yourself and where your interests lie.

Be your own boss

The industry lends itself heavily to individuals carving out a career as their own boss. Once you’ve completed a building and construction course, gained some on-site experience, you can work towards becoming licensed.

Albeit tough work, the opportunities are endless. Choosing your own clients and team will no doubt lead to a higher satisfaction rate on-site.  The selection of clients will allow you to decide which hours you work, leaving you time for the important things in life like family, sports or fishing.

Furthermore, you can often make more money working for yourself than working under someone else. There is a reason why construction workers seem to be the happiest employees.

Booming opportunities and room for growth

With over $106 billion worth of projects being planned in Victoria alone, there’s no doubting that Australia’s building and construction industry is booming. Unlike other professions, it is essential to society that there is a continual growth to accommodate our growing society. Not only does this make the building and construction industry incredible reliable, but it offers the opportunity for individuals to make a long-lasting impact on the world.

By creating roads, hospitals, schools, and homes you are providing a better life for individuals. This is further cemented with the push for the construction industry to use green materials, renewable energy and create more sustainable projects. Not to mention the satisfaction of being able to travel down roads, send your kids to schools or live in places that you’ve contributed to.

Take your work anywhere in the world

More and more these days, living and working in another city or another country is the dream for so many professionals. Not only is it a chance to see more of the world, but you’ll also learn valuable experience—both in your personal and professional life—that can boost your career performance and grow your global networks.

Many building and construction courses in Australia will qualify you to work in any country, and there are top-up courses available to make sure you’re across any international differences. What’s more, construction recruitment companies routinely search around the globe for candidates to fill their upcoming roles—so your next adventure may be closer than you think.

building and construction careers
Prefer to stay here in Australia? Your prospects are equally promising. In the decade leading up to 2017, over 180,000 new construction jobs were created, and it’s expected Australian employment in this field will increase by almost 1% by 2022.

Earn the salary you deserve

Construction is an industry where you can design the lifestyle that you want. Perhaps you want to work fewer hours when you’re focusing on starting a family, or are ready to dive in head first and work your way up to six figures in construction management. If you put in the effort—and are willing to further your skills through building and construction courses—then the jobs are there, and candidates are in demand.

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You might want to take on contract jobs that pay hourly (up to $51) or work for part of the year on shorter-term projects. Perhaps you want to work 60 hours a week because you love the work, and are motivated to climb the career ladder.
For many mid-tier construction workers, being your own boss would be a dream come true. In fact, it’s an ambition for almost a third of all Australians. In construction, it’s not only possible—it’s a well-trodden path.

And it all starts with the right foundations—building and construction courses. Visit Builders Academy Australia to start or further your career today with elite building and construction courses online.

About the author: Andrew is the Chief Executive Officer of Builders Academy Australia, which delivers qualifications in Building and Construction and related industries in Australia. Over the past 13 years in the industry, he has developed a deep understanding of current and future workforce learning and development requirements. Andrew has worked with diverse cohorts including domestic and international students.