LetsBuild for contractors

Construction software that puts you back in charge of your projects.

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Keep track of progress and follow-up and improve
profit and project delivery

Reduce admin burden and time waste

Get full control of the status of tasks and to-do’s

Communicate and collaborate effectively with subcontractors

Report to clients and advisors with a few clicks

Schedule, assign, lean back

  • Create your 3-6 week plan in a Gantt chart and assign tasks
  • Get progress reports directly from workers via the app
  • Quickly see which projects are unraveling and take action
  • Get full overview of status and resources across projects

Coordinate subcontractors effectively

  • View actual progress of teams on site in real time
  • Collaborate in one single system, not by phone and email
  • Assign QHSE tasks and to-do’s directly on drawings
  • Work with standardised workflows and templates

Observe, correct, learn

  • Collect all key project data on one platform
  • Use real-time data from site to make adjustments to the plan
  • Keep track of subcontractor performance and task progress
  • Maintain a full audit trail of all actions and communication

Save valuable time and improve profits

  • Save time on compiling data from different sources
  • Improve predictability and project delivery with a live system
  • Avoid subcontractors going to site in vain and save money
  • Produce insightful reports and dashboards with ease

VolkerFitzpatrick gains full project visibility with their subcontractors

The different digital tools he and his colleagues were using simply weren’t suitable for the purpose of managing such a time-critical project. So Matt set out to find what he calls “The WhatsApp for construction”.

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Vroeger, zouden we elk maandelijks schema uitprinten en de projectvoortgang vergelijken tegenover het schema. Nu, met de hulp van LetsBuild, kan ik een historische tijdlijn zien en de voortgang bijhouden naarmate deze onmiddellijk wordt geüpdatet.
Rory Hart
Directeur, Hart Design & Construction
De simpliciteit en eenvoudigheid van het systeem betekent dat we door kunnen met het echte werk, zonder dat we te veel moeten nadenken over hoe we de simpele taken gaan uitvoeren.
James Alderson
Directeur, Mulbury
LetsBuild bespaart ons tijd omdat het automatisch rapporten genereert voor de informatie die zich in het systeem bevindt. We hebben dus absoluut het voordeel gezien en het betekent dat mensen meer tijd hebben om een idee te krijgen van wat hun werk is en veiligheid op locatie te bieden.
Matt Ghinn
Projectleider – VolkerFitzpatrick


Powering up your handover process

The final handover is both an important and complex process with multiple sources of information, traditionally spread across email threads, phone calls and Excel sheets.

Our customers tell us that 1 hour’s site visit results in 1 hour extra admin work at the office. Defects have to be checked and assigned to the subcontractors, work done must be checked and communicated to the client advisor. Aggregating all that information across multiple data sources takes time and is error-prone. LetsBuild has been proven to reduce admin time by up to 50%.

With LetsBuild, contractors can:

  • Mark defects “points” on the digital project drawings
  • Allocate them to the relevant subcontractors and sets status “Planned”
  • Receive information back from the subcontractors when “Done”
  • Check the work done “Checked”, which automatically notifies the client advisor


Improve collaboration with subcontractors

The coordination of, and communication with, multiple subcontractors can be both time-consuming and demanding.

Aggregating information on tasks and to-do’s across multiple companies often involves a lot of admin work and time – time that could be better used actually progressing the project. Also, subcontractors often turn up on site, only to realise that it is not yet ready for them. This creates delays and negatively affects your bottom line.

With LetsBuild, the contractors can:

  • Assign scheduled tasks directly to the relevant subcontractors
  • Receive progress updates directly on the platform
  • Use digitised forms and workflows to manage communication on to-do’s
  • Create complete reports on task progress and status with a few clicks


Effective on-site follow-up

Compiling and aggregating information on the status of checks, tasks and to-do’s is difficult and time-consuming. We are told it can take as much as 4 hours of admin work per day.

Client or advisor remarks can be made via email, phone or in meetings, and subcontractors can also use a series of different ways to communicate with you. Keeping track and reporting on follow-up tasks can therefore be very costly.

Contractors use LetsBuild to:

  • Gather all checks and to-do’s on one digital platform
  • Simplify workflows by using digitised templates and forms
  • Automatically notify the client or advisor when rework has been done
  • Produce comprehensive reports of all actions taken

Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.