LetsBuild for housebuilders

Construction software that helps you gain control over multiple projects.

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Get overview and insights in all your projects,
avoid budget overruns and deliver quality
houses on time

Capture and share data instantly

  • Update project schedules from the field
  • Assign punch or snag list items while on site
  • Automatically generate and share your construction reports
  • Create multiple collaboration channels

Learn from past projects and standardise

  • Create reusable project templates
  • Get a detailed history of your tasks
  • Improve efficiency with standardised site inspections
  • Introduce clear and automated defect lists

Reduce project risk

  • Monitor defect status with deadlines
  • Use clear and automated checklists
  • Easily spot non-conformities
  • In case of delays, revise and share the project plan instantly
  • Control invoicing and payments by verifying against real-time progress

Manage your materials better and cut waste

  • Streamline your material orders
  • Avoid on-site delivery delays
  • Reduce inventory costs through shorter procurement cycles
  • Improve collaboration with suppliers

Deliver on time and on budget

  • Make timely decisions based on up-to-date facts
  • Avoid sending subcontractors out to sites in vain
  • Help contractors keep each other updated
  • Reduce rework and avoid on-site rush

Secure customer satisfaction

  • Ensure homes are ready for handover on the promised date
  • Keep customers updated on actual progress
  • Make sure houses are built to the right quality
  • No shortcuts made to save time or money

HusCompagniet standardises processes and increases predictability

By using LetsBuild’s on-site planning and progress reporting, HusCompagniet has managed to push the responsibility for information sharing and reporting to the workers on site.

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Je gagne du temps, tout simplement. LetsBuild est un bon exemple de la façon dont la technologie peut améliorer l’efficacité dans une industrie qui n’a pas beaucoup adopté la technologie.
Kenn Møldrup Sterndorff IDEALHUSEKenn Møldrup Sterndorff
Chef de chantier, IDEALHUSE
Faire venir les bons entrepreneurs sur le chantier est assez compliqué, parce que lorsque le charpentier ne se présente pas, les tâches suivantes seront retardées également. C’est pourquoi il y a autant de temps d’arrêt. Il y a énormément de gaspillage dans cette industrie. Avec LetsBuild, nous sommes connectés ensemble et nous nous envoyons des notifications les uns aux autres : « Oui, j’ai terminé » ou « Non, je n’ai pas terminé ». Ainsi, je n’ai pas besoin de me rendre sur le site alors que je ne peux pas travailler.
Morten Chrone
Group COO, HusCompagniet
À présent, le personel de bureau est averti dès qu’une difficulté se présente. Ceci a permis de réduire les temps d’arrêt et les taux d’erreurs. Contrairement aux autres applications, les équipes sur site utilisent vraiment LetsBuild sans suivi constant, ainsi les responsables disposent en permanence d’une vue d’ensemble actualisée de chaque projet.
Timothy Cocaro
Directeur, Rescon Builders

Keep all subcontractors on the same page

Are your subcontractors turning up on your site in vain? What does that mean for you as a housebuilder?

  • Higher project costs
  • Frantic running around trying to re-organise
  • Missed deadlines
  • Increased downtime
  • Variations and change orders flying all over the place

When subcontractors turn up before the site is ready for them, it causes not only cost increases but also missed deadlines, increased downtime and, frankly, chaos. Even if subcontractors do appear on site at the right time, they may not have had the materials delivered in time. This can have a serious impact on both your plan and your budget.

LetsBuild helps housebuilders

  • Get progress updates directly on the platform
  • Assign the right tasks to the right subcontractors in a straightforward way
  • Work with standardised workflows and forms to manage communication on to-do’s
  • Generate customised task progress reports with the click of a button
  • Allow all teams to get in touch directly


Reduce your inventory costs

A well-directed inventory can make the difference between success and failure of a project. Delayed, lost or misplaced materials can hurt a project’s profitability and push back all activities on site.

In that sense, being able to cut down on inventory costs by improving operation efficiency can allow housebuilders to achieve significant gains (10-15% on production in the short term) while accelerating the building process.

With LetsBuild, housebuilders can

  • Manage resources and materials in accordance with the live plan
  • Manage invoicing and payments by verifying against real-time progress
  • Be prepared for on-site deliveries and avoid delays
  • Minimise on-site breakage and waste
  • Plan operations more efficiently across projects


Get complete overview of the project’s progress in one central system

Often housebuilders find themselves managing tens, if not hundreds of projects at any given time. Overview, actionable reports and insights are a must-have for construction projects of all sizes.

By having one central hub for all key processes, the communication between the field and the office can happen in real time resulting in fewer misunderstandings and delays.

LetsBuild helps housebuilders

  • Learn the current state of multiple projects with just a few clicks
  • Monitor defect status against deadlines
  • Use milestone tracking to support their stage reporting and invoicing processes
  • Build custom dashboards and track activities in real time
  • Create more efficient progress reports by automatically merge all photos and points

Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.

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