35% van niet-productieve tijd weggehaald: De impact van efficiënte rapportage in de bouw

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Once upon a time in a bustling city, a construction project promised to reshape the skyline. The project manager, armed with ambition and a blueprint for success, faced an unexpected adversary: inefficient reporting. Like a slow-acting poison, it crept into the project’s veins, muddying communication and clouding judgement. This story, unfortunately, isn’t unique in the construction industry. It’s a widespread issue that hampers progress, but with the right tools and strategies, it’s one that can be conquered.

The Hidden Costs of Inefficient Reporting  

In construction, time is a resource just as critical as concrete. Inefficient reporting practices can lead to significant time wastage. According to a study by FMI Corporation, construction professionals spend 35% of their time on non-productive activities, including looking for project information and dealing with mistakes due to poor data management. 

This inefficiency has a tangible financial impact. The same study estimated that poor data and miscommunication cost the global construction industry a staggering $1.8 trillion annually. 

Impact on Project Managers  

For project managers, the stakes are high. Inefficient reporting can lead to delayed timelines, increased costs, and even legal penalties. It’s a domino effect where one misstep can set off a chain reaction of setbacks. In the worst-case scenario, it can result in project failure, tarnishing reputations and careers.

LetsBuild: A Solution for Efficiency  

In the middle of  this backdrop of challenges, LetsBuild emerges as a beacon of efficiency. Our solutions, LB Aproplan and LB GenieBelt, are specifically designed to address the pain points of project managers. By reducing administrative work and the burden of manual reporting, these tools help avoid the pitfalls of inefficiency.

LB Aproplan streamlines snagging, checklists, and QHSE compliance, ensuring that project managers have real-time updates at their fingertips. LB GenieBelt, on the other hand, connects master schedules on site, offering a panoramic view of the project’s progress. Together, these tools form a robust framework for efficient project management.

The Benefits: More Than Just Time-Saving  

The advantages of using LB Aproplan and LB GenieBelt extend beyond just saving time. They assist project managers to make informed decisions, backed by accurate and up-to-date information. This clarity reduces the risk of errors and rework, which can be costly both in terms of finances and project timelines.

Furthermore, these tools help in avoiding penalties related to non-compliance and delays. By keeping the project on track, project managers can focus on quality and safety, ensuring the project’s success and their professional integrity.


In the narrative of modern construction, efficient reporting it’s the twist that can lead to a successful ending. As we discover tools like LB Aproplan and LB GenieBelt, we allow ourselves to write success stories in concrete and steel. But the question remains: Are we ready to turn the page on inefficiency and build the future we want ?