Talk with a LetsBuild expert

Talk with one of our LetsBuild experts and learn how 4500+ businesses of all sizes use LetsBuild to see everything on their project.

  • Put your project plan in the hands of the people on site
  • See concrete examples of how others have benefited
  • See how desktop and mobile versions talk to each other
  • Learn about best deployment practices

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What does this demo involve?


Exploring your challenges

The main point of this call is you. What challenges are you facing on a daily basis?  What are the blocking or frustrating points on your projects?
How do you communicate with your teams now?


LetsBuild capabilities

How can LetsBuild help you make these challenges overcome? See how our application can help you in managing your teams, your planning, the communication on your projects.


Custom demo for your project

Send us your current project schedule and we make a personal quick tour demo of what it would look like for you on your current project!

Keep your project in view.

LetsBuild’s progress reporting feature allows teams to accurately report progress on their tasks and instantly notifies any parties that need to follow up.

  • Track progress and check quality against tasks in real time
  • Connect your teams with their tasks, and never miss a thing
  • Stay on track with each team’s progress at every stage

Know what’s next.

LetsBuild provides complete on-site visibility, enabling you to improve your productivity, teamwork, decision-making and profitability. 

  • Plan your next steps with confidence.
  • Make the right decisions faster.
  • Prevent delays or reduce their impact.


increase in the percentage of scheduled activities completed on time


/ month

savings because of timely materials delivery, faster decision-making and fewer disputes with subcontractors


/ hours a month

time saved by automatically generating reports for all stakeholders, using the information that is in the system

We believe we can save 10-15 percent in production cost. There are many benefits to not having to have inventory on hand and not having those downtimes that we currently face.

– Raul A. Hernandez Sosa, VP Business Development, Grupo Provivienda

LetsBuild capabilities

Capture real-time updates

Every day, LetsBuild will be updated through the people on site. Every day you will be able to follow the progress of the main tasks and see at a glance the next deadlines.

Record updates against tasks

You won’t need to write long emails, chase people on the phone, or carry around paperwork. All collaboration is task based, fully transparent, and in one eco-system which makes it enjoyable for everyone involved.

Alert relevant people

Once a task is finished, a follow-up notification is sent to the affected parties. When your carpenter is done installing the floor, for instance, an automated notification is sent to the QA/QC manager to begin his/her work.

Link ownership

The audit trail shows the detailed history of a particular task, who was responsible for what, where any problems originated and how they were solved.

Will not replace your planning software

LetsBuild is a tool used in addition to your software planning: you take your project plan made with your planning tool, then you keep it continuously updated with LetsBuild. You can even re-import it to make changes!

Will not build your project for you

LetsBuild does not (unfortunately) allow you to pour concrete, run electrical ducts or apply paint. However, it does allow you to communicate with people who are much better qualified to do this.

Will not give benefits without a bit of efforts

As with any new tool, it takes a short adaptation time to take full advantage of our application. We also have many resources to help you quickly master LetsBuild: training sessions, user guide, starter kit, personalised follow-up…

is not FREE, but makes ROI worthwhile

Yes, our tool is not free… but the time saved, crucial information and monitoring of your project you get and the protection it offers is well worth it.

A quick overview of LetsBuild