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Why small construction businesses should invest in construction management

Written by LetsBuild

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Construction projects are complex, with different assets, processes, teams, and tasks to manage. Overseeing all these elements is critical for the success of any project. Seamless management can improve efficiency, simplify complexities, minimize costs, and prevent delays.

As such, small construction businesses should invest in construction management software to deliver high-quality projects in the allotted budget and time. In fact, over 40% of firms use construction software to ensure productivity, safety, and timely deliveries.

Regardless of your management approach and project type, construction software is essential to help with planning, communication, data analytics, etc. Herein, we explore how construction management software can support the efforts of small construction businesses.

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Improved efficiency

Construction software provides tools for managing materials, monitoring inventories, managing equipment, and eliminating paperwork. It centralises all these tasks on one platform, delivering a single pane of glass for the entire project.

This allows teams to collaborate effectively, communicate easily, share files, and access project data. Construction software also supports automated alerts and notifications, GPS tracking, and virtual meetings. These solutions ensure real-time collaboration and streamlined processes to boost efficiency.

Cost savings

With construction software, small firms can unify different processes and eliminate repetitive tasks, significantly cutting their costs. The software also aggregates your cost data and automates it across the project’s lifecycle, allowing managers to identify areas for minimising costs.

On average, the use of software can cut construction costs by up to 20%. This is particularly important for large projects, which can be up to 80% over the budget and can take 20% longer to finish. The software minimises delays, reworks, and wastage to ensure cost controls.

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Better project planning and scheduling

Planning and scheduling are a big part of construction projects, and they can cut costs by up to 10% if appropriately managed. Construction software hosts all your planning materials, including designs and drawings, for efficient collaboration and easy access.

Managers and contractors can use Gantt charts to accurately plan costs, labour, tasks, teams, and schedules. This eliminates guesswork and streamlines resource management during the lifecycle. Managers can plan, assign, and schedule tasks and track them until completion.

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Enhanced communication

Communication is a critical component of any project, and construction software facilitates better communication among stakeholders, such as clients, contractors, and suppliers. Ensuring everyone is on the same page minimises mistakes, delays, and reworks.

With the software, all stakeholders can be onboarded to the platform to communicate and collaborate. Members receive alerts and notifications when new updates, data or files are available. They can also communicate in real-time to share ideas and fast-track different tasks.

Construction defect management | LetsBuildReal-time project tracking

With construction management software, small businesses get dashboards that show current projects and tasks, highlighting their statuses, progress, unresolved items, etc. Such insight into projects allows managers to monitor the daily workflow and stay on top of projects.

Some tools offer GPS tracking capability, which allows managers to check where the work was completed. Such real-time visibility into projects allows teams to identify issues early on and implement corrective actions to avoid delays, cost overruns, and safety incidents.

Improved data management

The key feature of construction management software is document and data control, which allows managers to aggregate all data in one ecosystem. More importantly, you can integrate the software with your tools like Revit, P6, and Dropbox for centralized data management.

With the data in one place, you can map it out for insights in global dashboards and provide easy access to all teams, ensuring a single source of truth and improved decision-making. The software offers intuitive access to information, which is accessible from anywhere, at any time.

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Competitive advantage

In today’s competitive landscape, clients and project owners pick companies that have a reputable track record of successful projects. Companies must demonstrate their efficiency, professionalism, and trust. Bear in mind that high-trust companies have better turnover rates.

By investing in construction management software, small businesses can gain a competitive advantage by delivering projects on time, within budget, and with high quality, which can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Grow your business with construction management software

The construction industry is very complex, with risks that can ruin your business if not well managed. As such, it’s essential to take steps to improve your operations, job site performance, and collaboration. This is possible through technology, which allows you to streamline and centralise your operations.

At LetsBuild, we offer products that simplify your transition to digital transformation. Our cutting-edge, purpose-built solutions unlock efficient and effective ways to manage your construction projects. Whether it’s site reporting, safety control, lean coordination, or schedule communication, we offer tools that take construction management to a whole new level.

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