Online training session: Planning


  • Put your project plan in the hands of the people on site
  • See concrete examples of how others have benefited
  • See how desktop and mobile versions talk to each other
  • Learn about best deployment practices

Bill Camuso

Customer Success Manager – LetsBuild
jason ruddle circle photo

Jason Ruddle

Managing Director – LetsBuild UK

Report progress on tasks in real time.

When reporting a problem or the completion of a task – LetsBuild’s real-time schedule is immediately updated.

Import your project plan into LetsBuild and bring it to life in a real-time dynamic environment. The schedule gets updated with data straight from the site. No more chasing people with phone calls, emails or text messages.

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You will learn how to:
  • Import your master programme and set up the live schedule
  • Learn what different roles can see and do
  • Report progress on tasks in real time
  • Generate reports in just a few clicks

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