How to see everything happening on site

We took:
Emails + WhatsApp + Excel + calls & messages + paperwork + formal reporting and fused it into one easy to use software…
And then we sprinkled some fairy dust on top, making it automatically communicate between top management → Project managers → On-site workforce → Contractors & subcontractors.

All relevant parties are immediately notified about problems & delays preventing anyone from showing up on site needlessly and wasting time, energy, resources, and money…
(we see a 15%-30% reduction in costs across the board & up to 80% reduction in construction time – from 330 days to 60 days)


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Jason Ruddle

Regional VP – LetsBuild

Multiple live sessions across the week

In this webinar, we are going to share with you how management in 934 construction companies achieved peace of mind by ELIMINATING the use of text messages, phone calls, WhatsApp, email, Excel, paperwork, and formal reports…

…which resulted in reduced construction time of buildings (in some cases) from 330 days to 60 days thanks to instant communication across all on-site teams, offices, top management, and construction workers, reducing project costs by 15% – 30% across the board.

Key takeaways:

Today I’m going to show you how to replicate those results inside your construction company:

  • How to replace the traditional way - photos are taken, site diaries are updated, progress is being updated, dashboards are being produced… all individual tasks that require days of admin work.
  • How to get full visibility of projects, which leads to a new level of effective collaboration with subcontractors.
  • How to automatically reschedule and notify all relevant parties immediately when a preceding task gets delayed...so no team shows up in vain and no material gets lost on site.
  • How to save time by automatically generating reports from the information that is already in the system so that people have more time to get an idea of what their job is and deliver safety on site.

The thing that changed it, was connecting the teams through a live programme that helped us avoid downtime between activities. If your programme is not updated frequently, problems on site get worse because they have not been communicated to the right person quickly. In most cases, people on site do not have all the insights to solve the issue quickly. By the time the issue is communicated to the right person, it is too late and we are dealing with delays and downtime.

Federico Salazar

CEO, Provivienda

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