Fireside Chat with Dr. Jan Mischke

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Ulrik Branner

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Join our exclusive Fireside Chat with Dr. Jan Mischke, co-author of McKinsey & Company’s latest razor-sharp analysis on construction: “The next normal in construction: How disruption is reshaping the world’s largest ecosystem.

If you have wondered why construction as an industry needs to transform, then read the analysis and join our Fireside Chat to learn more – and get a unique opportunity to ask questions to one of the authors.


Dr. Jan Mischke
McKinsey Global Institute


SIZE: Largest industry in the global economy, with 13% of global GDP and less than 1% of revenue invested in R&D
SUSTAINABILITY: >35% World Waste & >40% Global Energy used by houses – rising to 60%
PERFORMANCE: 30% Efficiency rate, 5% EBIT Margin, 12% Re-work & 80% Global Average Budget overrun


  • Cyclical demand leads to low capital investment
  • Bespoke requirements limit standardisation
  • Construction projects are increasingly complex
  • The share of manual labor is high
  • Significant shortage of skilled workers in several markets
  • Low barriers to entry = small and unproductive companies to compete
  • Extensively regulated
  • Lowest price rules

“If we have now invested 25 percent of GDP to each country save; say a million lives odd – why would we not be able to spend 2 percent of GDP to save the climate and save 50 million people per country?”

Dr. Jan Mischke

UK Townhall, April 2020