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It’s companies like LetsBuild that are bringing a fresh approach to data mining in order that we can build more efficiently, on time and within budget – all the time.

Matt Ghinn

Project Director, VolkerFitzpatrick

LetsBuild is a simple-to-use construction software which massively increases efficiency, collaboration and communication between teams and gives you the complete overview of your house building projects.

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Trusted by leading volume housebuilders

Ideal huse

LetsBuild is the first application that our team finds useful for their work. They are able to keep track of their projects and keep real-time notes. In just a few clicks, they have updated the whole team.

timothy cocaro

Timothy Cocaro

Director, Rescon Builders

For executives and decision makers

Do you find it difficult to track progress on multiple construction projects?

With LetsBuild you get complete overviews of single and multiple projects in real time, so you can place your attention where needed.

Do you lack overview of relevant project data?

Complex data is presented simply and custom dashboards allow managers to quickly view information with data accumulated from multiple projects and systems.

For project managers

Do you find it difficult to estimate completion dates for your projects?

LetsBuild provides insight into the project schedule so you can set realistic timelines for tasks or groups of tasks from project to project.

Do you lack records of project progress?

A full audit trail provides full documentation of tasks performed and activities logged. This is a single, live platform that shows you project progress, delays, problems and changes.

For construction teams

Do you work with outdated information?

With LetsBuild your project schedule is always updated so you don’t work with week-old information. Subcontractors are automatically notified of changes so they avoid travelling to the construction site in vain.

Do you find reporting from site cumbersome?

LetsBuild gives you a simple, user-friendly mobile app that lets workers report activity progress in real-time, directly from site, and the audit trail documents all actions taken by the team.

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Import from your favourite scheduling tools and get started in no time
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Do you find it difficult to optimise your resource utilisation?

LetsBuild gives you an overview of allocated resources across projects and teams so you can optimise your resource utilisation. Easily spot if a resource has been allocated to two activities simultaneously or is underallocated.

Now, you can plan project activities based on the availability of the given resources.

How leading volume housebuilders benefit from LetsBuild

“By connecting the contractors as we have done with LetsBuild into one community, they are notifying each other “YES I am done” or “I am NOT done”, so I don’t have to drive to the building site and waste my time.”

Morten Chrone – Dep. Group CEO – HusCompagniet

“LetsBuild has enabled us to be all connected, and we all know what is going on, we can escalate problems easily, we can solve problems easily, we can take care of procurement if we need it, immediately”

Raul A. Hemandez Sosa – VP Business Development – Grupo Provivienda

It’s time to bring real-time collaboration to your projects