Experience easy reporting and project information that is always up to date

Keep project stakeholders informed with continuously updated dashboards and automated reports.

Report back to all stakeholders about project execution and status

LetsBuild makes it easier for you to keep your stakeholders informed by automating report generation with data straight from the teams on site and generating real-time dashboards with accurate project information.

Compile reports in seconds from a single data source

Having all data in one tool means everything in the report is linked and easily traceable back to the exact task, milestone or worker. With LetsBuild, it only takes a few seconds to generate fully current reports that are easily shareable. You save time and effort, simple as that.

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Find out why projects are late and running over budget

Document progress on site with automated reporting on QHSE activities and follow-up tasks in real time. With LetsBuild, you can rest assured all activities are accurately logged and you can report on issues as they happen, with data you can easily reference and rely on. Not only does that ease your workload, you also know the information is accurate.

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No more messy Word or Excel reports

Creating meaningful and beautiful reports that people actually want to use is easier than it sounds. LetsBuild’s software has an automated PDF generator built in that allows you to select from a wide range of templates that you can always customise to fit your exact requirements. Mastering the art of reporting has never been easier.

Know exactly where you are and where the project is going

By linking the 3-6 week planning directly to the master plan, LetsBuild allows you to instantly see the detailed status of all current activities happening on site, and how they impact the overall plan. Now, you can report on progress with confidence.

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When delays or problems occur, pull out the magnifying glass

LetsBuild offers more than just a fancy PDF generator. With our solutions, you connect the field with the office in a seamless collaborative experience. Thanks to real-time updates on field progress; whenever a problem occurs, you see it instantly in the project’s dashboard. Now you can easily drill down into the problem and find out exactly what went wrong, where, and who is responsible.

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Uncover essential learnings from previous projects

When you have one unified data source for all your construction projects, it enables you to identify and document what went well and what went wrong in past projects. With LetsBuild, data from all your construction projects is gathered together and maintained in a single hub. This allows you to identify patterns, document learnings, and avoid previous mistakes.

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LetsBuild saves us time because it automatically generates reports for the information that is in the system. So we have definitely seen the benefit and it means that people have more time to get an idea of what their job is and deliver safety on site.

Matt Ghinn

Project director - VolkerFitzpatrick

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