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LB Site Diary: Building your perfect Site Diary

Written by LetsBuild

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This post is part of a series in the wake of our recent funding and Lars’ post about the future of LetsBuild. Read the first part here.

Hello fellow site diary enthusiasts.

My name is Bob Leung, and I’m your Product Manager for LetsBuild’s latest app: Site Diary. After ten years as a practising architect, I’m now bringing that experience to the architecture of your site diary. For me, the way I approach design can be summed up simply (and romantically): “KISS” – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

At LetsBuild, we’re committed to bringing clarity to the complexity of construction – and that extends especially to the tasks you grapple with every day.

Being a site foreman is a hard, constantly disrupted job. It’s difficult enough to get all your core responsibilities done during the day – which means site diaries often overspill into the time when everyone else has left the office. 

For the last year or so, we’ve been speaking with our customers and the industry in general about what frustrates them in maintaining a site diary, what slows them down, what ruins their day. We’ve interviewed countless people, built prototype after prototype and done thorough testing on real sites.

Today, I want to talk you through where we’ve ended up: what we think might be the formula for the perfect site diary, that improves your life every day.

Effortless transition

This might seem like a strange place to start – but it might be the most important element of Site Diary. Nobody wants the hassle of moving to a new tool, you just want to be able to enjoy the advantages.

That’s why we’re making it as simple as possible: send us your existing diary form – and we will put it into the app for you. One step, no cost, what are you waiting for?

Send us your diary form

Fast, simple, desk-free design

We are eager to make Site Diary the most easy-to-use mobile app on your phone or tablet. It’s designed to require almost no thought to navigate and update – letting you save hours a week by making updates while doing your site walks.

Beautiful, one-click reports

Site Diary lets you track all the site information you need to protect yourself and prove what happened each day. But it also presents it in the most beautiful, professional reports that look like you hired a designer to create them, perfectly matching your company’s requirements.

No more staying late after work

Instead of waving goodbye to your colleagues as they leave on time, wave goodbye to working late. Because Site Diary is designed for mobile and tablet, you can complete your tasks on the go, during your working day. Let someone else be last to turn the lights off for once.

What’s next?

Sound good? Send us your site diary file and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with the next steps to get going in Site Diary.

This is our newest product, and we’re building it for YOU. If you want to be part of the future of how we design it, and making it work for you, get in touch here.

Together, I’m confident we can build the perfect Site Diary.