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Trusted by industry leaders in 35+ countries

Reduce construction delays by more than 20%

LetsBuild allows you to find out where delays and problems occur by giving a clear view of the status of each activity.

Save up to 50% time on administrative workload

LetsBuild generates automated reports and dashboards with data from the on-site teams to keep your stakeholders informed about the evolution of the project.

Get a clear, up-to-date, reliable overview across your projects

LetsBuild connects the data from all your projects to give you insights and ease your decision-making processes.

About LetsBuild

We believe in connected construction

  • We believe “Connected Construction” will create a better, more efficient and collaborative construction industry
  • Over 1,000 customers in 35 countries.
  • 98% customer satisfaction supported out of 6 offices over the past 7 years.
  • 150 employees from 32 nationalities.

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