Integrated planning

Connect your project schedules. Align better.

Are you losing sight of critical information by managing schedules in multiple disconnected tools and formats? There is a better way.

Let us show you how it works – send us your project schedule and we will give you a demonstration with your own project data.

One project, too many disconnected schedules

Today project managers, site managers, procurement teams and subcontractors keep critical information in multiple disconnected tools and formats (Excel, MS Project, Primavera P6, Powerproject, even whiteboards and paper notes), sent back and forth by email, SMS and WhatsApp.

This makes it very difficult to see the aggregate impact of problems and changes, which is necessary in order to make timely and well-informed decisions.

What if you could…

Have everyone share their schedules?

What if each team could easily share their own schedule, in real time, to avoid the mess of sending outdated and disconnected schedules by email? The same way you currently do it with your drawings and Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive. That is what Cloud-based collaboration software does for you.

Be aligned across all teams?

What if you and your teams could now be better aligned around a ‘live’ project status, save valuable hours of admin work and run far more efficient weekly meetings so you could focus on making the right decisions and keeping people accountable?

Highlight the impact of connected events?

What if you could now connect these schedules in the Cloud to benefit from a centralised view of progress on cascaded tasks, on-site blockers or material delivery issues – and immediately see their impact on your master programme and its completion?


Introducing Integrated planning

With this capability, you are now able to synchronise all your different project schedules and see how they impact each other in real time.

Never miss an important milestone or development
Boost visibility and transparency
Improve communication with subcontractors
Full alignment between on-site and off-site teams

Used by 1000s of project managers around the world

What project managers are saying:

*based on our Construction Project Execution Survey 2020

“My objective is to preserve the initial schedule but also to be able to change to a parallel schedule which allows for adjustments where required and, if so, to discuss with those affected.”

Project Manager, Client assistant

“We’re using a mixture of systems which not all members have access to, so far too often we rely on printed or written versions where info can be lost.”

Project Manager

“Most short-term issues are still answered either by phone calls or email. The comparison / overlay between the original time schedule and a new time schedule is time consuming, sites need immediate input.”

Senior Project Manager

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