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How To Create A Construction Daily Report Using GenieBelt

Written by LetsBuild

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A Daily Report? Don’t be ridiculous, you say! Having to do weekly ones is already bad enough. Conducting daily reports for construction may seem as an endless project. If done right, though, it can save you lots of time. Especially when you are using a top performing software, like GenieBelt.

Yeah, but what about its complexity? Glad you asked! Daily reports are pretty simple. All you have to do is to pick up your mobile phone or tablet and update your project through GenieBelt’s app. Before we dig a bit deeper into the way that daily reports are put together, it would be a good idea to analyze why they could be proved valuable for your construction project.

daily reports in construction

The Profits of Daily Reports

Saving time

By conducting daily reports, you can save a significant amount of time in putting together a long and rather hard to be read sometimes weekly report. On top of that, when you create a daily report online you can faster spot any worth mentioning points and keep a better overview of the project workflow.

Keeping track of every little detail around the project

If you are dedicating some time daily in order to analyze the progress of your project, you have the ability to deepen your knowledge around it. Writing down day after day all the different points of interest allows you to be more aware of the true issues and needs of your construction project. In that way, you can take care of every single detail easier and offer more thorough updates to the other members of the team.

Avoiding any project pitfalls (or fixing them early)

Daily reports help you monitoring your project on a continuous basis. In that sense, it’s easy to understand that by generating daily reports you can find any potential mistakes in no time. This is more than fundamental during a construction project, as it can save you both time and money. Imagine all the repairs that you won’t have to do, if you manage to detect a misstep early on the project.

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Better project coordination

The use of daily reports can bring the whole project team closer and to establish efficient coordination routes among its members. Every construction agent can be constantly up to date with the latest plan changes and reorganize his/her tasks accordingly. This can lead to considerable savings of time and financial resources and by extension to more effective project management.

Improved communication

The conduction of daily reports gives less space for misunderstandings during the project and empowers the communication between its members. The ability to remain constantly well informed about any upcoming changes is essential. Furthermore, through the use of a reliable construction software you can contact any construction agent about plan adjustments in real time. Thanks to this, there are no misconceptions and a better atmosphere among the team members is gradually formulated.

How to Create Daily Reports Using GenieBelt

You can easily create daily reports using GenieBelt. The only thing you need is a smartphone or tablet. From virtually anywhere, you can update the progress of your project. First thing you have to do is click on your GenieBelt App. Once there click on a task that you noticed you have made progress. Now just click on the button to update the percentage progress made! It is as simple, quick and easy as that! What used to be a major clerical headache is now a quick and easy doodle! 

As soon as you have confirmed the change that you made, anyone connected with the project will receive a notification. No more misunderstandings then or time spent on trying to put together an exhaustive weekly report.


Every construction project requires tons of paperwork and GenieBelt can help you change the way you manage it. Simply by introducing reports to your daily routine, you change  the way a construction project is structured. Make sure you start using it now and establish strong communication between the members of the team.