Manage handover visits digitally faster and easier

Create tasks, assign responsibility, set deadlines, and monitor progress, all on your mobile device.

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Powering up your handover process

The final handover is both an important and complex process with multiple sources of information, traditionally spread across email threads, phone calls and Excel sheets.

Our customers tell us that 1 hour’s site visit results in 1 hour extra admin work at the office. Defects have to be checked and assigned to the subcontractors, work done must be checked and communicated to the client advisor. Aggregating all that information across multiple data sources takes time and is error-prone. LetsBuild has been proven to reduce admin time by up to 50%.

With LetsBuild, contractors can: 

  • Mark defects “points” on the digital project drawings
  • Allocate them to the relevant subcontractors and sets status “Planned”
  • Receive information back from the subcontractors when “Done”
  • Check the work done “Checked”, which automatically notifies the client advisor

A quick overview of LetsBuild Snagging Module

Discover the main features of our Snagging module in one minute.

The key steps to make a handover visit with LetsBuild

Prepare your project before the visit

After creating your project, you first need to create a dedicated list « Hand-over ». The lists are basically the communication channels on your project: everything in that list means it’s related to your handover visit.

Create your own comunication channel
Ready-to-use in few minutes

Record issues on the go

LetsBuild enables you to use your mobile device to create and assign tasks to do with defects while on site. Instantly record quality issues the moment you identify them.

Capture and store issues with photos
Link all the photos directly to your plan

Document, assign and prioritise

Each reported issue can have a photo or document attached to it for better context. You can also add notes in the text area provided for even greater transparency.

Create your own custom fields
Get a detailed audit trail of communication and actions

Your visit is over? It’s time to generate your report!

Generate as many reports as you need and instantly share them with relevant project team members. You can also export your reports in PDF format as needed. Customise your inspection templates to capture specific project information with LetsBuild’s site inspection module.

Create your own reports
Send it easily to the relevant people

Easily send your to-do lists to your subcontractors

When a due date is assigned, LetsBuild automatically monitors the deadline and sends a notification in case the task becomes overdue; this keeps people accountable, your quality management in check and prevents oversights and further delays.

Everyone know what they need to do
Follow closely the evolution of each task you found

No more admin burden. No more compiling information at the end of the day.

By the time of your visit, you have compiled, taken pictures, assigned and sent your inspection report to all the relevant stakeholders. You don’t have anything else to do.

More time to focus on the next steps
One tool as a single source of truth

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