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Decoding digital transformation in construction
Global Construction Survey 2019
Shaping the Future of Construction

Digital influencers to follow

Here are 5 inspiring experts within digital construction:

Mary Ann Azevedo
Senior Reporter
Crunchbase News


Jan Mischke
McKinsey Global Institute


Tracy Young
CEO & Co-founder


Zach Scheel, P.E.


Mark Farmer
Founding Director & CEO
Cast Consultancy


Measuring construction’s digital future

Working with construction companies all over the world, we have noticed that many still struggle to digitise their processes successfully throughout the organisation. Often, one person or one division spearheads the change but it fails to permeate the entire organisation. 

In helping companies such as VolkerFitzpatrick, Bouygues, GSK and Besix with digital transformation, we have realised how important it is for companies seeking to transform their processes in the new digital environment to realise where they are on the digital journey, so we can steer them in the right direction – towards success. 

We have developed a self-assessment tool that companies can use to assess their digital maturity. The Construction Digital Maturity Ladder (CDML) is a helpful tool to not only assess where you are at the moment but also identify the best path forward, based on submissions from construction companies to date.

If you don’t base your decisions on reality, how can you expect your projects to steer in the right direction?

ulrik branner

Ulrik Branner

Executive & Board, LetsBuild

We are LetsBuild

At LetsBuild, we work every day to bring digital technologies to construction with a view to transforming the industry. We help companies streamline their project processes and collect and utilise project data on one single platform.

LetsBuild is the result of a merger between Danish GenieBelt and Belgian APROPLAN. We joined forces in spring of 2019 to form one company in order to offer the end-to-end digital solution for the construction phase. You can read more about the merger here.


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