APROPLAN Digitalises BESIX Netherlands for Guaranteed Safety and Product Quality Processes

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Besix Deal

APROPLAN, the leading Belgian cloud-based construction management software provider, has announced that BESIX Netherlands has selected APROPLAN as its construction project management software platform and provider for their current and future projects.
BESIX Netherlands is a member of the massive construction organisation, BESIX Group, having more than 18,000 employees worldwide. For over 25 years, BESIX has produced prestigious and noteworthy works in civilian concrete construction, special utility construction and maritime construction. The agreement with BESIX Group, which was finalised during the third quarter of 2017, is one of the most important deals to date for APROPLAN. Succeeding the previous implementation in Belgium, BESIX Flanders and Holland are next to move forward with APROPLAN.

„The construction industry has been slow to adapt to technology. There are a lot of parties involved in a construction project and they simply do not trust one another. Actually, they trust each other so little that they still send documents via certified mail to protect themselves. Communication moves at a snail’s pace,“ Thomas Goubau, CEO and Founder of APROPLAN, explains. „We want to change that so we created an app that works as a mutual space to share information, updates, and processes.“

APROPLAN is customisable and easy to use. Following the successful use of APROPLAN in their Belgium office, BESIX Netherlands has diversified their use of APROPLAN to support their safety and product quality processes specifically with the tailored Points and Forms features. BESIX has internal standards for work processes and product quality. By using APROPLAN, BESIX has more grip on the product quality and the work processes regarding quality and safety. With APROPLAN as their software platform at the start of the first quarter of 2018, they have started their Terraced Tower Project in Rotterdam with flying colors. Concurrently, they are using and implementing APROPLAN on multiple other projects, like RWZI Tiel.
It is now straightforward for BESIX Netherlands to capture and track their work safety and product quality. APROPLAN has made planning and performing inspections trouble-free, all while adhering to standards. The APROPLAN team has helped BESIX improve how they can leverage APROPLAN to drive value to their safety and product quality processes. The software is easy to use and allows quick implementation, which is what their project teams need.


APROPLAN is the leading Belgian construction management software that simplifies construction work processes with a powerful easy-to-use tool. With a user-centered development and limitless licenses, our cloud-based platform provides the most of collaboration and the most intuitive of tools.  When all your stakeholders have real-time access to the latest project information at any given time, place and device, companies significantly improve their project efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, their profits.
For further information about APROPLAN, or for a free demo or trial, visit www.aproplan.com

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