LetsBuild for subcontractors

Construction software that helps you increase productivity and reduce waste.


Make the most of your day with clear task schedules, order management and effective communication between teams

Reduce time waste with fewer meetings and less admin work

Get detailed and timely information for better crew planning

Get full documentation and report easily on tasks performed

Stop wasting time and effort on multiple systems

Less admin work, more time

  • Effective communication means fewer meetings
  • Don’t waste time going to the site in vain
  • Get real-time information and increase productivity
  • Avoid time-wasting duplications and errors

Detailed and timely information – better crew planning

  • Plan your crew roster ahead of time
  • Don’t waste time going to the office for drawings
  • Get your teams’ weekly task lists in print
  • Plan materials deliveries and save time on site

Document and report with ease

  • Send task updates directly from site using the app
  • Add photos to document progress or completion
  • Everything is saved in the audit trail for documentation
  • Get full insight into your staff’s work on site

Get everyone working on construction – not systems

  • Our mobile applications are made for site workers
  • It is easy to get your staff to use the system
  • No need to train staff in several systems
  • Easy to use - workers can focus on their work

“The simplicity and ease of use of the system means that we can get on with our work, without having to use too much thinking time when wanting to get simple tasks done.”

James Alderson
Director, Mulbury

“LetsBuild is the first application that our team finds useful for their work. They are able to keep track of their projects and keep real-time notes. In just a few clicks, they have updated the whole team.”

timothy cocaro
Timothy Cocaro
Director, Rescon Builders

All of our craftsmen can figure out LetsBuild, even a flat-footed IT user with the cheapest smartphone. The system is just so extremely simple and straightforward, and each month we are continuously using LetsBuild on more projects.

Tommy Nielsen
Managing Director, Juul & Nielsen

Streamline your materials orders

Ordering and receiving materials on the big construction site can be a time-consuming process.

Not only do you risk that different agents on site place the same materials order at the same time, potentially causing duplicate deliveries and adding cost; the sheer admin burden of managing and keeping track of your orders can be enormous. But by digitising your order processes with LetsBuild, there is full transparency between teams, saving you up to 40% admin time.

With LetsBuild, the subcontractor can

  • create a point for each material ordered and sets status “In progress”
  • be advised of availability by the warehouse changing status to “Order OK”
  • be advised of non-availability by the warehouse changing status to “Unknown delay” or “Blocked”
  • change status to “Order delivered” when goods are received

Avoid time waste and get full documentation for your work

Most subcontractors will have experienced disruption of their work, either because the site wasn’t ready for them on time or because of uncertainty as to which tasks were due to be completed and when.

Studies show that only approx. 30% of time on site is spent on actual construction. LetsBuild changes that by allowing for more detailed task scheduling, effective communication between teams and quick progress and task reporting. This saves time and avoids confusion, and all tasks completed can be documented with photos and notes.

With LetsBuild, the subcontractor can

  • receive detailed tasks and points, located on project drawings
  • report progress and task completion directly in the app
  • Add photos, documents and notes as documentation
  • be advised of any delays so they don’t turn up on site in vain

Facilitate site inspections

Handling site inspections can be a burden for a busy subcontractor. Poor communication between different stakeholders often leads to confusion or the multiplication of tasks.

With LetsBuild, the site agent creates points that get assigned by the supervisor to the relevant subcontractor. The subcontractor simply receives all to-do’s in the app, performs the work needed and reports tasks done. This gives you a clear overview of your workload and ensures that you have a full audit trail of your tasks and their status.

Subcontractors use LetsBuild to:

  • receive their to-do’s as points, located on the project’s drawings
  • perform the work and report the to-do’s as “Done by subcontractor”
  • receive notification of approval or rejection for each point
  • retain full documentation of work done and accepted

Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.