LetsBuild for material suppliers

Construction software that enables you to achieve significant operational gains.


Manage your materials better, reduce waste and monitor progress in real time

Cut waste and avoid claims

Improve operational efficiency

Increase competitiveness

Prepare for BIM proliferation

Cut waste and avoid claims

  • Quickly spot if everything has been ordered
  • Deliver just in time and minimise breakage and waste
  • Avoid on-site delivery delays due to lack of preparation
  • Use digital forms for receipt and checking
  • Avoid cluttering up the building site

Improve operational efficiency

  • Get accurate, up-to-date delivery dates
  • Plan operations more efficiently across locations
  • Use barcode scanning and BEAst labeling for efficient deliveries
  • Gain insights across many installation jobs and projects

Increase competitiveness

  • Deliver at the right time and place and avoid claims
  • Save time normally spent waiting on site and improve margins
  • Improve customer satisfaction and gain more business
  • Reduce stocks with detailed delivery forecasts

Prepare for BIM proliferation

  • Triangulate your BIM objects with model and schedule
  • Make important information available in the model
  • Receive valuable installation and usage data

We need to make a big change with our logistics partners and the supply of materials to be just-in-time. Right now, we have big warehouses for each project where we have 2 months of inventory of all of the materials delivered to one warehouse and from that warehouse we deliver it to the actual home. So we have double cost of transportation.

raul hernandez provivienda
Raul Hernandez
VP Business Development, Provivienda

If you put something on a building site and if it’s a huge plot and you put it in the wrong position, you have a carpenter walking around. “It’s not here. I’ll order some new.” And there will be waiting time; there will be production downtime and all of that.

Morten Chrone
Group COO, HusCompagniet

What you have to do is to really understand the whole value chain and what the customer ultimately needs and how you can help improve that experience by working together with other people in the value chain.

hugo dorph solar
Hugo Dorph
Group Commercial Director, Solar

Plan and deliver your products more efficiently

When materials get delivered at a time when the construction site is not ready to receive them, they have to be moved and that causes breakage, waste and customer dissatisfaction.

Our customers tell us that on average, building materials get moved on site seven times. And each time, there is a risk of breakage or loss. But what if you could plan your deliveries in advance so your trucks arrive at the right place at the right time? Imagine the effects that would have on your business.

With LetsBuild, the materials supplier can:

  • Work with the contractor to schedule deliveries in a real-time Gantt
  • Automatically receive notifications of any plan changes
  • Use barcode scanning and digital checklists for receipt and checking
  • Improve your MRP processes and reduce stock levels

Use data to improve business planning and insights

Every construction project is rich with data; information that flows from site to office, between external stakeholders or site teams. Delays, time to completion of certain tasks, crew overlaps – all that data can be a valuable source of information for the modern materials supplier.

When materials suppliers actively participate in a project by planning deliveries in accordance with the work schedule and contractor team roster, information flows from the project to the supplier. And the resulting insights can be used in developing a partnership with customers for the future, thereby securing the business in the long term.

With LetsBuild, the materials supplier can:

  • Extract important information from the processes on site
  • Identify patterns across projects that are valuable to customers
  • Forecast future product needs based on data across projects
  • Reduce the risk of obsolescence

Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.