LetsBuild for facility management

Mobile collaborative snagging solution that allows maintenance teams to better manage risks and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.


Preventive and reactive maintenance management software made easy

In addition, our solution allows you to create punchlist points, generate reports, enrich information with photos and allow effective collaboration between stakeholders.


With LetsBuild, you can easily capture the information needed for your maintenance processes, so that you comply with contractual obligations and industry regulations. Prepare for external audits at all times by using a well-structured system.


Report defects and problems in a timely manner to comply with your maintenance plan. With LetsBuild, all your quality data is organised and available right at your fingertips. This makes it much easier to perform regular quality inspections so that you are prepared for internal and external audits.

Digitise your processes for increased efficiency

Reduce your admin burden by digitising pen and paper processes. Now, you can make annotations and complete checklists on the go with our user-friendly app, and you can easily access all your plans and procedures in the cloud.


Coordinate and streamline the activities of your internal and external teams on site. Assign tasks, delegate responsibilities and track all activities using standard workflows that support inter-team collaboration and information sharing.


With a few clicks, you can generate standardised inspection reports with data collected in real time via the app. It is easy to share the reports with relevant people and teams. This reduces admin work and ensures that your reports are always up to date.


With real-time data presented clearly, you can easily measure the efficiency of your processes, from the identification of critical problems to the final control of their resolution.

Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.