LetsBuild for clients & developers

Construction software that gives the transparency and overview you need.


Work with updated programmes, make decisions based on accurate progress reports and manage delays better

Take back control of your projects

Monitor and standardise as you go

Reduce your admin workload

Maximise your return on investment

Gain control over your projects

  • Get transparency and a full audit trail across projects
  • Meeting minutes easily tailored to any stakeholder
  • Full transparency and visibility into the project portfolio
  • Get full documentation at handover and an audit trail

Monitor and standardise as you go

  • Get live insight into project status and overall health
  • Manage a portfolio of projects in one dashboard
  • Secure the data you generate
  • Report generation for performance and delay tracking

Cut down on your admin workload

  • Automate multiple work processes
  • Generate customised reports instantly
  • One platform to run all aspects of project management
  • All site documents at your fingertips

Maximise your return on investment

  • Reduce non-compliance errors
  • Turn data into real-time insights
  • Efficient, standardised workflows
  • Ensure adherence to contractual obligations

In the long run, we are estimating that we will save between 5 and 10 percent of the cost. So it’s substantial. We hope we can harvest that in the future.

Morten Chrone
Group COO, HusCompagniet

I like the ability to be able to structure project participants into companies and teams. And I like the permission controls I have as an administrator and how easy it is to change the status of each user. I also like how easy it is to add and remove a user from having access to the system.

James Alderson
Director, Mulbury

“The implementation of LetsBuild at Besix ensured a simple to follow process that gave us structure and peace of mind that we he have everything under control.”

Jeroen Honig
Project Manager, Besix

Overview and insights across all projects

Often clients and developers find themselves managing tens, if not hundreds of projects at any given time. Overview, actionable reports and insights are a must-have for construction projects of all sizes.

Thanks to LetsBuild, clients and developers have the possibility to get a top-down overview of all their projects, while also maintaining an accurate level of detail for every individual project.

With LetsBuild, clients and developers can:

  • Create actionable reports with one click
  • Access the right data at the right time through custom dashboards
  • Track milestones allowing stage reporting and invoicing
  • View project progress, delays and red flags in real time

Cut down on-site inspection admin burden

Complying with strict regulations is an arduous task. It is estimated that at the end of each on-site inspection, at least 20% of the time is spent purely on admin work. This has a direct effect on the planning of a project as it can slow down work execution.

That’s vital considering that clients and developers are dealing with many different sites at the same time. In that sense, they should always be inspection-ready in order to avoid any costly interruptions. Standardising the inspection process, through the use of LetsBuild, will allow clients and developers to finish their detailed planning on time and gain significant advantage for the next phase of their projects.

Clients and developers use LetsBuild to:

  • Build and use custom digital checklists
  • Save hours of admin and follow-up work on a monthly basis
  • Create and share on-site inspection reports in real time
  • Establish undisrupted digital workflows

Bring accountability and transparency to your projects

Construction projects are difficult to manage and there’s a high margin for error. Therefore, it is crucial to have everyone on site able to report progress, identify problems and ask questions quickly and efficiently.

LetsBuild can function as the direct link between the office and the site helping clients and developers ensure a continuous flow of information, updates and reports anytime and anywhere. Like that, accountability and transparency can become vital components of the whole process leaving no room for misunderstandings.

With a few clicks, they can learn the current state of their projects and see where there are problems and which contractors are experiencing delays.

LetsBuild can help clients and developers to:

  • Get the latest project updates in real time
  • Focus on the right project priorities
  • Store all their data in one platform
  • Always be prepared for any legal cases

Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.