LetsBuild for advisors

Construction software that easily facilitates your on-site inspection and reporting.


Streamline all inspection processes and enjoy real-time reporting for data-driven solutions

Create and share reports in no time

Stay in control of project progress

Reduce your admin workload

Speed up audit and certification processes

Create and share reports in no time

  • All inspection data from plan approval to final handover at your fingertips
  • Communicate better using standard reports that can be shared instantly
  • Compile and distribute reports to project collaborators and stakeholders
  • Easily access reports across all your projects

Manage the handover process efficiently

  • Quickly produce and distribute comprehensive handover reports
  • Document snagging inspections, actions and communications
  • Keep on top of the status on each defect listed
  • Sync with your document management system (Brycsis, Dropbox, …)

Help your client by staying in control

  • Dashboards and cross-project overviews give you perfect control
  • Easily monitor progress and spot any problems
  • Communicate with contractors in real time
  • Advise your client better based on actual site information

Speed up your audit and certification processes

  • Customise forms to conduct inspections based on different standards
  • Improve compliance in line with various certifications
  • Enjoy transparent, standardised workflows of inspection status
  • Ensure adherence to contractual obligations
  • Standardise checklists and workflows across projects

A2D Architecture automates admin tasks and saves 40% of their time

A2D is a Belgium-based architectural design collective working on a wide range of projects from individual housing, collective housing, offices, public buildings, schools and education, sports and retail structures.

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Our architect office has been using LetsBuild for one year and we continually discover new opportunities… A major advantage is that you have all documents and plans with you in digital format on a tablet – no more carrying heavy ring binders on site. In addition, all documents are constantly accessible via the cloud. The layout of the reports can easily be changed according to the phase of the project: intermediate reports, site reports, lists upon completion, personalised lists etc. An indispensable tool in these times of rapid communication

Sarah Staessen
Architect, A2D

Manage the handover process efficiently

The admin burden involved in creating the final handover report on a project is immense. Multiple sources and channels of information, to-do’s and status updates going back and forth at a dizzying speed and multiple coordination meetings make it a cumbersome and time-consuming process in most cases.

With LetsBuild, architects and other client advisors can:

  • Identify defects by inspecting the site together with the client
  • List defects by creating points “Observed” in the app
  • Send them to the contractor who distributes tasks to subcontractors
  • Receive notification when tasks are done, check and mark them “Closed”
  • Quickly print and distribute the handover report to stakeholders

Improve your drawings approval process

There can be many reasons to change project drawings. RFI’s, design changes, client wishes, material changes, etc. can lead to new drawings being issued. But in all cases, drawings have to be approved by the consulting engineer and the flow back and forth of different versions cause a lot of admin work and potentially confusion and errors.

With LetsBuild, engineers can:

  • Receive a drawing for approval from designers electronically
  • Check the new drawing and issue “to-do’s” to designers if needed
  • Set status “Closed” once the adapted drawing has been approved
  • Instantly distribute the new drawing to contractors
  • Easily create a control report

Share documents efficiently

Sharing different versions of documents and drawings is challenging, particularly when it comes to ensuring that everyone is working to the same version. LetsBuild allows architects to easily share new versions of drawings without worrying that site teams or other project stakeholders are working to the wrong version.

With LetsBuild, architects can:

  • Issue a drawing electronically with immediate distribution
  • Automatically notify the client or project manager of changes
  • Share new versions in real time - versions can be compared in the app
  • Let contractor teams download the drawings for offline use
  • Feel safe that documents are only accessible based on access rights

Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.