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Rinkoniên is the contracting consortium made up of Artes Roegiers, Artes Depret, CIT Blaton, MOBILIS and Stadsbader. This collaboration of big contractor is finally building the Oosterweel Link, the final installation to the Antwerp Ring or the R1 road. Upon completion, it will connect the left bank, the harbour, Het Eilandje, Merksem and the area around the Sportpaleis.

To realise this ambitious project, a lot of modifications to the previous infrastructure have to be made in the Oosterweelwerken on the left bank and in Zwijndrecht.

This includes replacing or adding road sections, junctions and exits, building a park-and-ride building for 1,500 cars and 150 bicycles, building new tram infrastructure and reconstructing bicycle paths, bridges and underpasses.

Rinkonien is the name of a consortium/infra project in Belgium / Antwerp (2nd biggest city in Belgium)

This project is a collaboration between Artes Depret, CIT Blaton, MOBILIS and Stadsbader.

The Project

The Oosterweel Link was proposed as early as 1995. The impetus for the project arose from the need to solve a traffic problem, create safer roads and provide a better quality of life for the entire Antwerp region.

The Oosterweel Link is currently one of the largest infrastructure projects, not only in Belgium but in all of Europe. The main works will start in spring 2020 with construction divided into four project phases and will take approximately five and a half years.


Since the Oosterweel Link is a massive project, the main challenges the consortium was facing included:

  • Finding a way to increase work efficiency across many stakeholders
  • Facilitating better communication on and off-site
  • Tracking project performance effectively
  • Collaborating and communicating efficiently with all project stakeholders
  • Having traceable contractual requirements
  • Checking project status in real-time

In their search for a solution to these challenges, Rinkoniên concluded that a unified digital platform would help them increase efficiency and improving communication while ensuring adherence to contractual obligations.


LetsBuild is an easy-to-use digital solution used by all project participants on site. And because everyone sees its value, all on-site workers use the app, making it easy for office-based people to track site activities and the overall status of the project.

As Relatics, a web-based software that structures and manages huge project information, is the main tool used by everyone on this project, LetsBuild integrates with Relatics in order to link all on-site activities to Relatics.

Whereas people at the office are using Relatics, which is a web-based app, the on-site teams are using LetsBuild, which allows all contractual requirements and tasks to be available on mobile without having to go online. All Relatics project information and tasks are synchronised to LetsBuild and on-site users can check and synchronise their updates back to Relatics for the people in the office. Communication is faster with real-time updates, making on-site workers more efficient in their jobs.


“At Cit Blaton, we use LetsBuild from the very beginning of all our projects to ensure a high level of QSE. From the Quality Control Plan to the collection of final handover remarks, including Health, Safety and Environment observations, LetsBuild has provided us with the ideal tool to professionalize our daily management of QSE aspects.“

Rémi Robijns – CIT Blaton

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