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In 2013, a part of its vaccine production facility in the Wavre site had a leak and needed to be refurbished in a short period of time.


To meet the strict FDA and other pharmaceutical regulations within a short deadline, Exquando set up a punch list system for this company’s project managers using LetsBuild. This digital process was designed to replace the manual pen and paper process of identifying defect points on hard copies of the construction plan and XLS punch lists. This new process allowed defect points to be encoded directly on a mobile gadget while on and off-site which immediately allowed instant generation of punch lists that can be sent directly to concerned stakeholders.


This project faced a very short deadline.


LetsBuild was imposed in a new system that eliminated manual note taking and unnecessary paperworks and cut time spent on administrative work by 50%. Punch lists became easily generated and were immediately sent to concerned contractors. Latest construction plans and layouts became readily available at all time. Checklists for compliance to standards and regulations became transparent, clearly understood, and easily monitored. Thus, the workload of the reception process at the renovated unit got reduced by half.


The integration of LetsBuild into this construction-specific project proved to be successful. LetsBuild allowed this pharmaceutical company to achieve their renovation deadline by reducing manual admin work by 50%. Like this project, LetsBuild can help your company effectively and efficiently achieve big-data construction projects with short deadlines. Contact LetsBuild today to start discussing how we can help you.

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