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BAM Contractors is a huge player in the Belgian construction market, ranking top overall in annual turnover. BAM Contractors is a part of the Royal BAM Group Netherlands, which formerly operated separately as CEI-De Meyer and Betonac until the takeover in 2014. Together with the still-independent Interbuild, Kaïros, Galère and BAM Technics, BAM Contractors make up the BAM Belgium Business Units. BAM Contractors is mostly involved with infrastructure and road projects, and industrial and hydraulic works and buildings. The company stands for innovation, sustainability, and multidisciplinary construction.


BAM Contractors have been building schools, hospitals, rail and road works all over Belgium. Some notable projects include the carpool car park in Hasselt, the Diabolo railway line in Zaventem, and the Liefkenshoek rail connection in Antwerp. BAM Contractors has already integrated LetsBuild in two-thirds of their construction sites, primarily using it in reception and quality documentation.

In addition to the construction function, BAM Contractors is now using LetsBuild for safety visits and compulsory monthly reports for preventive services. Field notes are being reported, exchanged, and solved on a daily basis. Some project or site managers even use LetsBuild to record meeting minutes and reception points. Plans of using LetsBuild for a security reporting system (including monthly checklists) are on the way.

Challenges & Solutions

Being part of the current digital evolution and being one of the innovators in the construction sector is not enough for BAM Contractors. They want to push the boundaries, go further, and be a step ahead in the BIM revolution and approach their projects in an entirely different way. BAM Contractors believes that LetsBuild will be the perfect partner in tackling these challenges. As LetsBuild will be developing a process management system, the future is looking bright for both parties.

“I am convinced that LetsBuild can accompany us in our future challenges. I have been working with LetsBuild for five years…and LetsBuild will be working to develop a process management system. So yes, the future looks bright!”

“We are highly satisfied with the (LetsBuild) Support (team). This is one of the reasons why we keep working with LetsBuild and not with other similar apps. LetsBuild listens; LetsBuild looks for solutions. This is really their biggest strength.”

How to see everything happening on site

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