Sites reopening during COVID-19: equip your on-site teams with these free checklists and dashboards within 2 weeks to ensure your workers’ safety

Available immediately and with no additional charge for customers

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many of you to temporarily shut down construction sites to guarantee everyone’s safety. The different European construction federations are now preparing checklists to help you restart your on-site activities and track compliance with health measures on a weekly basis.

What you will receive for FREE

Official checklist templates based on your country/location/federation.

For users, the ability to open/fill your checklist on your mobile app and send it to your QHSE manager.

For project directors/managers, a dashboard where data from all your construction sites has been compiled.

Free offer applicable to existing customers and standard dashboards only. Other organisations can apply to limited duration proof-of-concept.

Compile data from all your construction sites in one dashboard

LetsBuild allows users to easily fill in digital checklists on-site and project managers to follow up with a covid specific dashboard to remotely monitor which sites reopen faster and safer. Steps required for activating your lists and dashboard :

  • Fill in this form with your details.
  • Download the checklists from our public library.
  • Install or upload them in your app. (FAQ)
  • We’ll get in touch in the next 24 open hours.

How you can save up to 50% of the time spent on administrative workload by monitoring live progress of your site reopenings thanks to our real-time dashboards.

As a QHSE manager or as a manager, you will have access to this dashboard where data from all your construction sites is compiled.
You will get a live update on the progress of your construction site reopenings with a clear and simple red/amber/green status for each site.
You will also be able to track your weekly site inspections so you can make sure that all your colleagues and partners on site keep working in safe conditions.
And we want this to cost you nothing.

Over 4500 construction companies use LetsBuild daily

Digitally track compliance with our custom dashboards