The construction app, which makes a real difference on a construction site

We created LetsBuild to be the easy-to-use web and app platform, which keeps you on top of your construction projects.


Best construction app for collaboration

LetsBuild mobile app (available on iOS and Android) – great solution to solve construction communication problem. Doesn’t matter, if you are on site, in office, travel – you can see all changes on your construction projects immediately. With our construction app it’s easy to get in touch with everyone – managers, owner, general contractor or subcontractor. If there is a delay or a problem on a project – you will be notified.

Track issues

It is quite simple to track any inspection problems using our LetsBuild app, and everything can be documented with images, comments and mentions. These issues can then be shared with everyone else on the team, so that they can do what is needed to fix the problems.  

Team-friendly construction app

With LetsBuild construction app it is easy to keep in touch with your team – both in the field and at the office. Send messages, updates, @mentions – we call all of it beats. Be notified with every status change on the project.

Available for iOS and Android

LetsBuild construction app available on major platforms – iOS and Android. It works well both on new and older phones and can be accessed offline.

Advanced mobile app for construction

With our construction app you can access most important features and even manage construction projects with one hand. See beats, tasks and people – related to projects. On our app, you can easily filter your tasks – by only relevant to you or just see problems.

mobile scheduling

Teams of all sizes and different trades love us

“I save time – simple as that. LetsBuild is a good example on how technology can improve efficiency in an industry that has not embraced much technology.”

idealhuse recommends letsbuild
Kenn Møldrup Sterndorff
Construction Manager, IDEALHUSE

“The simplicity and ease of use of the system means that we can get on with our work, without having to use too much thinking time when wanting to get simple tasks done.”

James Alderson
Director, Mulbury

Collaborate efficiently with clear communication and clear processes