How connecting your teams can decrease the downtime of your construction sites by  25%

In 3 months or less without spending extra budget

10,000+ people are already significantly reducing their programme duration time by creating one single source of truth.

They have increased operational efficiency by making stakeholders accountable for the way they provide information and updates.

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The TRUTH about using a combination of WhatsApp, email and pen & paper and how to increase the timely completion of activities compared to the P6 programme.

How to solve critical downtime faster without adding more ressources on your project.

The well known, yet poorly understood way to create reports in less than an hour instead of half a day.

How to go from being 5 weeks behind schedule to being on time in less than 3 months using one platform, one source of truth!

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Over 4500 construction companies use LetsBuild daily

VolkerFitzpatrick went from 60% to 85% on-schedule tasks in 3 weeks

Traditionally, formal report updates get communicated every 4 to 12 hours. This means managers would receive updates too late or have to make multiple calls or emails. These delays would inevitably disrupt site activities. LetsBuild is changing that by providing live real-time reporting that can be accessed at any suitable time.

“We’re not phoning out, we are not using WhatsApp groups, we’re not sending emails. The programme is just live, it’s there and all data from the site is captured,” says Matt Ghinn.

LetsBuild is also able to instantly generate a report from the collated data, including progress updates, photos, messages and problems that have been reported and/or communicated by teams, as well as information on where delays may have occurred.

“Our programme is updated at site level. That means that the operative supervisor provides us information straight from the site. So we get photos, we get updates. This allows the team to take more ownership, and provides us with visibility across the whole team on site,” says Matt Ghinn.

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