CDML – Digital Maturity roadmap

Establish the foundations and get a clear pathway to implementing your digital transformation strategy.

What is the Digital Maturity roadmap


Exploring your vision

In partnership with an independent consultancy, we will explore your vision for digital maturity to set you a pathway to success that is specific to you.


Framework implementation

Using input from key members of your team we will prepare the CDML framework to identify key areas for improving your digital maturity.


Defining the roadmap

In a workshop environment we will outline the key areas of the framework and produce a roadmap to greater digital maturity within your organisation.

What’s included

Balanced viewed of your organisation’s digital maturity

Analysis of the digital maturity assessment

Organisational map highlighting key areas

Identification of key themes and areas of focus

Report summarising the findings

Roadmap to digital maturity

Implementation timeline

  1. Initial meeting (1-2 hours)
    We explore your digital vision for the organisation and identify the right members of your team to complete CDML Basic
  2. Complete CDML Basic
    Over a maximum of 5 days we recommend between 6-10 employees complete CDML Basic
  3. Workshop (½ day)
    We will provide feedback on the initial findings, build a Business on a Page (BoP) for your organisation, and agree key focus areas to improve the digital maturity of your organisation
  4. Final report produced and issued, including feedback and next steps (1 elapsed week)
  5. Presentation of results (2 hours)
  6. Feedback from the report and next steps are presented to you

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