The Construction Digital Maturity Ladder™ (CDML)

CDML™ is a free-to-use online assessment of your company’s digital maturity. It has been designed to give companies in construction a needed digital benchmark against thousands of companies in the industry globally.

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CDML™ – a catalyst for change

The global construction industry is approaching a pivotal point in time, when it comes to the understanding and application of digital technologies.

Hundreds of thousands of companies struggle to find cases, best practice and models to learn from and lean on. There are no public best practices or global models that companies can look to and draw confidence and insights from. LetsBuild has decided to fill out this void.

The CDML vision

The Construction Digital Maturity Ladder (CDML™) is a free to use online assessment of your company’s digital maturity. It has been designed to give companies in construction a needed digital benchmark against thousands of companies in the industry globally. By filling out the assessment you will receive instant feedback and gain exact insight into where your company stands.

In LetsBuild, we have a strong vision to change the way the Construction Industry collaborates and communicates. To achieve this, we must all move towards a common language and a common understanding, and in this journey, a universal digital model can be the catalyst for a groundbreaking change.

  • The CDML™ is aimed at creating a common language on how to talk about and work with digital maturity in construction
  • It provides clarity over the digital landscape and its inter-dependencies
  • Allows you to plot your digital maturity strategy taking into account the need for People, Process, Data and Technology
  • Allows you to get a better understanding of how dynamics within your organisation affects your digital maturity,
  • Support in turning digital gaps into functional demands allowing you to plan maturity increase and support your strategy
  • It will be an open source framework that everyone can use and build on – internally as well as externally

Your road to digital maturity

Seven steps on the ladder: From ‘Business as Usual’ to ‘Guiding Star’. It should be no surprise that the majority of construction companies find themselves positioned in the lower part of the ladder. The construction industry is one of the lowest investors of any industry in digital technology.

Whilst the climb to the top may seem comparable to reaching the top of Mount Everest, the use of insights gained through the CDML™ will present an easier and more structured way to the top.

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CDML™ at a glance





If you want to go all the way to the top of the ladder, to become a Guiding Star in the construction industry, you will need to balance People, Processes, Data and Technology –  the four dimensions of a successful digital transformation in your company. 

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What’s inside?

When filling out the CDML™ Online Assessment you will receive a comprehensive report. The information you are provided in this report aims to give you a first impression of your digital maturity as an organisation compared with companies in your sector, country and globally.

  1. Your CDML™ Score is calculated as an average based on your answers in the CDML™ Online Assessment
  2. Along with your score, you will receive a position on the Digital Maturity Ladder™
  3. Your results will be analysed and benchmarked on four dimensions: People, Processes, Data and Technology
  4. You will see the average score for each result benchmarked against all your peers globally

Take your assessment to the next level

Should the CDML™ Online Assessment and this report have inspired you to dig deeper, the CDML™ framework can be extended into the CDML™ Digital Maturity Roadmap and the CDML™ – Digital Strategy

CDML Basic

Investment: zero cost + 8 minutes
Method: purely online & personal
Result: comprehensive report, with personal score, benchmark comparison across sectors, analysis and best practice

CDML – Digital Maturity roadmap

Investment: €2.000 -> €4.000
Method: online surveys (8min) & team workshop (online or face-to-face)
Result: company-specific report with analysis on company maturity, benchmarks, internal alignment and the identification of gaps and potential short-term gains

CDML – Digital Strategy

Investment: bespoke
Method: interviews, workshops, analysis and comprehensive report
Result: company-specific in-depth analysis following the 7 influencers and the 8 digital pillars, mapped to company strategy and business plan

Want to know your place on the ladder?

The assessment takes between 5 to 10 minutes to complete and you receive the report instantly.