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LetsBuild is a real-time collaboration and communication tool designed to provide instant updates, progress reporting, and better and timely decision making to construction projects.

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What LetsBuild does for you

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Rally around the plan
With continuous changes to the plan, LetsBuild enables teams to collaborate around an updated schedule at all times.
Complete overview

What happens on site is captured and displayed live across multiple activities and projects in easy-to-use reports and dashboards.

Data for decision makers
Data is key and LetBuild works to make sure that managers are equipped with the right kind of information to make timely, fact-based decisions.

Get started easily

Import projects from your existing planning tools – or create them in LetsBuild!

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Why LetsBuild

Easy to use
We built LetsBuild with the user in mind, for maximum productivity and reliability. No one wants to waste their time learning clunky, slow and unintuitive software.
Easy to set up
LetsBuild works with your existing tools. Simply import a project from your favourite scheduling and get started in no-time.
Fanatic support
We are here for you. From live chat to on-site training, we go the extra mile to make sure you and your team get the most out of LetsBuild.

Bring real-time collaboration to your projects

Used on projects in over 30 countries

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“We often had subcontractors arriving on site and not getting any work done because the previous tasks haven’t been completed. With LetsBuild, we have visibility of project progress. So if there is going to be a delay, we let them know a week beforehand.”

Matt Ghinn

Project Director, VolkerFitzpatrick

“LetsBuild is the first application that our team finds useful for their work. They are able to keep track of their projects and keep real-time notes. In just a few clicks, they have updated the whole team.”

timothy cocaro

Timothy Cocaro

Director, Rescon Builders

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