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GenieBelt's New HQ

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That’s right- we’ve moved offices! Geniebelt has grown its staff by 90% in just the last month alone! We’ve recently outgrown our last office and moved down the road into a sprawling newer location with more room to stretch out and get some serious work done. Our new office is located in heart of Copenhagen right across from the main entrance of Tivoli at Vesterbrogade 2B, 1620 Copenhagen V. Denmark.


Our last office was a tight fit but we maximized the space as best as possible.


Given that genie belt works very closely with construction industry, we opted to give our office more of a rugged and exposed construction site look by repurposing construction materials like shipping pallets and discarded wood to construct our desks, tables, and common spaces. The results speak for themselves.


We’re thrilled to be bringing new talent onboard and filling out our new space. If you’re interested in joining the team don’t hesitate to stop by our Jobs page and sending us your resume.


Come by and say hi and check out our new awesome view!

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