Top 10 building games for 2020

What are the top building games?

  1. Poly Bridge
  2. Little Builders
  3. Megapolis
  4. Planet coaster
  5. City mania: Town Building Game
  6. Concrete jungle
  7. The Sims 4
  8. SimCity Buildit
  9. Cities: Skylines
  10. Minecraft

We love video games!

A few months ago, we presented to you our list of the best construction simulator games available for tablet and smartphone. This time, we decided to broaden our search a bit and look also for great games in PC and consoles. In that way, you will have more options when it comes to the selection of your next building video game.

Nevertheless, for the mobile gaming enthusiasts that may read this post we have included some really exciting construction games, available on App Store and Playstore, that could help them develop their collaboration skills while learning more about construction while having fun.

10. Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge is probably the best bridge-building simulation that exists out there at the moment. It’s a surprisingly creative and versatile experience with more than 24 objectives and many more challenges available on Steam Workshop. Another great aspect of the game has to do with its focus on physics. It can truly become an educative experience for those who want to combine bridge building fun with some fundamental laws of physics.

Like: The animated gifs of little cars jumping over the bridge is an excellent touch on the game. Furthermore, the carefully elaborated maths-based mechanics of this building game is something that has to be mentioned.

Dislike: It can sometimes be very hard to complete your mission. More tips about the available tools would also be a good idea.

Available on: Steam

Age: 10+

9. Little Builders

The next building game on our list is an excellent choice for younger construction enthusiasts. It can be a fun way to introduce your kid to construction and teach them its basic notions. You can choose your tools, operate excavators and come one step closer to your ultimate goal: conduct all the different construction tasks on time.

Like: An engaging game for children with great variety of available tools and straightforward gameplay.

Dislike: Unless you pay, the amount of advertisements in the game can be excessive.

Available on: Playstore and App Store

Age: 3+

8. Megapolis

Megapolis is a game that we simply love and that we had included also on our previous list.  Its main goal is the creation of a well-functioning and sustainable city. You can engage in a number of different and quite impressive constructions. From railway stations to atomic power plants and airports, the possibilities are endless and very fun.

Like: It’s an open and collaborative game. You can exchange materials with your neighbors and establish beneficial allies.

Dislike: The gameplay can be a bit slow, due to the excessive amount of materials that need to be collected before you get a “mega building” done.

Available on: Steam, Playstore and App Store

Age: 3+

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7. Planet coaster

Planet coaster is a slightly different, but equally fun, option for building gamers. Its main objective is the creation of the biggest and most exciting coaster park. To achieve that, you have to challenge yourself and develop your theme park design skills. But that’s not all. You have also to make your coaster empire safe in order to exclude any unwanted accidents.

Like: A remarkable architectural gaming experience. From conception to completion and management of your park, you get a good idea of what putting together a coaster park is all about.

Dislike: Managing some of the games’ aspects (eg. salaries, training levels etc.) could be a little less complicated. Creating your buildings can also be a painful experience.

Available on: Steam

Age: 3+

6. City mania: Town Building Game

Gameloft did an amazing job in this one. The objective of the game? But, of course, to create the best city in the history. Similar to the Little Builders, City Mania is a fantastic choice for younger gamers. The existence of hilarious cartoon characters have made the game very appealing to children who should develop the city and take all the crucial decisions for its future.

Like: The plot and the impressive graphics are undoubtedly some of its best features. Another thing that will catch your attention is, for sure, the 360-degree view.

Dislike: There are some repetitive tasks that could have been avoided. For instance, automation on some of the factory tasks could improve and accelerate the gameplay.

Available on: Playstore and App Store

Age: 3+

5. Concrete jungle

We are now entering the top 5 and things are getting serious. Next building game on our list is Concrete Jungle. As a newcomer to the city, you have to help to its growth into a flourishing metropolis. The more you build the better your financials look and more opportunities are opening up for your city. What makes this game unique, though, it’s the puzzle-like approach to it.

Like: This blending of game genres (city building and deck building) is something new and very enticing when it comes to building games.

Dislike: There aren’t many things that we could say here. Perhaps, an option to skip the dialogues could be a good idea.

Available on: Steam, Playstore and App Store

Age: 12+

4. The Sims 4

This game needs no introduction. What needs to be said, though, is that The Sims 4 can be an excellent building game if played in that manner. So, if you are tired of controlling the everyday routine of your Sims characters, you can create a well-designed city for them to live in. The options are endless and it’s only a matter of your imagination and how you want to design and make this city looks like.

Like: You can build anything you have imagined, from a fashionable little apartment to a spectacular gigantic mansion. Another great feature is the countless building tools that you have at your disposal.

Dislike: Your construction can end up being too complicated sometimes. That’s why we suggest that you start simple and get familiar with the different tools.

Available on: PS4 and XBOX One

Age: 12+

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3. SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit is a classic and definitely one of the most well-known building games. You are the mayor of the city and your goal is to create a utopian city with great infrastructure and everything that its residents might need. A new very fun element on the game is the introduction of club wars. Now, you can work together with other users and form allies, attack to other clubs or simply exchange valuable materials.

Like: Its simple gameplay and the plethora of available missions are two of the main reasons why SimCity Buildit is worth your attention.

Dislike: Completing your tasks can sometimes take too long. The long waiting time is making the game less fun.

Available on: Playstore and App Store

Age: 4+ (with supervision) – 16+ (for in-app purchases)

2. Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is without doubt one of the most engaging building games. Again, you get the opportunity to be the mayor of the city and choose what its future will be. The interesting fact in this game is that you can literally do whatever you like with it.

More specifically, you can build a green and sustainable city full of parks and friendly to its residents or you can have the city hit by natural disasters or pollution. In either case, you are the master of its faith and you can have a great time while learning a few things on what construction is all about.

Like: The remarkable attention to detail when it comes to the various construction tools that you can use (eg. isometric camera).

Dislike: Some aspects of the game can end up being highly unmanageable. The traffic in the city, for example, can be a struggle.

Available on: Steam

Age: 10+

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is on the top of our list! This building game simply can’t get old. It has a vast fan base and we can see why. It is an Open World (Sandbox) game with great emphasis on artistry. One of its most representative characteristics has, of course, to do with its graphics (kind of blocky), but it would be completely wrong to focus only on that. It’s a game with endless creative possibilities which can reach to a whole new level if we take into account Minecraft mods and maps.

Like: The creative mode of the game is just stunning. You can take your building game to a whole new level thanks to the lack of constraints in terms of completing the construction of your dreams.

Dislike: There have been some cases of addiction to minecraft, especially for younger gamers.

Available on: Steam, PS4, XBOX One, Playstore and App Store

Age: 7+


That’s all for now! These are the top 10 building games for PC, consoles and mobiles. Run through our list and choose the one(s) that you find more interesting. Let us also know on the comment section whether you agree with our list and if there are any other games that should have been mentioned!

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