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5 Best boom boxes for construction sites

Written by LetsBuild

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What are great boom boxes for a construction site?

  1. Bosch PB360S Radio & Charger
  2. Milwaukee M18 Job Site Radio & Charger
  3. Milwaukee 2790-20
  4. Dewalt DCR015 Heavy Duty Radio
  5. Makita LXRM03B Radio

Working at the construction site can be hard and quite monotonic. Music is one of the things that makes the time fly by and lighten the mood. Sadly, not every music device is appropriate for this environment. And headphones are pretty much hazard if you get too distracted. The boombox could be a perfect fit for this kind of surrounding, but there are certain criteria that have to be fulfilled. In that sense, you need something:
-Powerful enough so it can be heard
Here is a short guide to 5 different radios that are made for playing specifically on the construction site.
image for cunstruction site boom box bosch

Bosch PB360S Radio & Charger

360 degree surround sound from four speakers
CD and MP3 capacity
build in lighter
usb port
can perform as a charger with 4 power outlets
Why should you buy it?
Except the 360-degree sound it’s a radio that will withstand any kind of weather: rain, snow, wind and dust. It doesn’t have the Bluetooth capacity but other features definitely make up for it. If you are looking for something that not only helps you get through the work but also help you get the job done easier, this is the boombox you are looking for.
image for jobsite radio milwaukee

Milwaukee M18 Job Site Radio & Charger

2 powerful 4” woofers and 1” tweeters
USB port and bluetooth capacity
Runs on AC power and battery power
Can perform as a charger
Why should you buy it ?
The company already created its brand as a producer of quality, durable construction tools. Their radios aren’t any different. If you are already using Milwaukee equipment, this boombox is a natural choice.
image for best jobsite radio milwaukee


Milwaukee 2790-20

2 4” Woofers and 1” Tweeters
Weather proved MP3 compartment
Runs on AC and Milwaukee tool batteries
Bottle opener
Why should you buy it?
This boombox is one of the highest rated out there, specifically designed for work sites. Great sound and if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a built in bottle opener!
image for dewalt worksite radio yellow

Dewalt DCR015 Heavy Duty Radio

2 forward facing 3” speakers
2 AC power outlets
Runs on Ac Power but it’s also compatible with Dewalt 20v and 12V battery
Performs as a portable power charger
External MP3 port
USB ports located internally for playing music and charging in a weatherresistant compartment
Why should you buy it?
This is a perfect radio for those who are already using DeWalt Tools. It is not only high quality but also durable and affordable and comes with a 3 year warranty
image for small makita constructionsite radio

Makita LXRM03B Radio

2 side mounted 3” speakers
Runs on AC power and a wide range of Makita batteries
Performs as a charger when AC power is supplied
external MP3 port
Why should you buy it ?
It is not your typical construction site radio. It is lacking some of the future that other giants have but if you looking something small, light and easy to move around, this boom box is for you.


Music may sound like a needless luxury, but it’s not. It can really make a difference on increasing productivity on site, as everybody work more efficiently when in a good mood. So don’t think twice and make sure you buy one of those boom boxes soon!